About Us

Our journey began in 2016 when Ayn Rand Center Europe was founded under the name of Balkan Objectivist Center. ARCE was determined to equip young, enthusiastic individuals across Europe with theoretical and practical knowledge of Objectivism through our signature educational course – John Galt School. ARCE has since then organized more than sixty John Galt School projects in 29 countries worldwide, building a network of over a thousand alumni.

We have collaborated with some of the best lecturers in our network, such as Craig Biddle, Leopold Ajami, Jon Hersey and many others. John Galt School recently started to expand beyond Europe, with the program taking place across Asia, Africa and Latin America as well. One of the core reasons why this was possible is ARCE’s new platform Objectiversity. Apart from becoming the main medium for the John Galt School, Objectiversity serves as one of the leading platforms for the Objectivists and other liberty-oriented intellectuals to connect and engage with each other.

ARCE’s annual New Intellectuals Conferences represents a crown of its work – NICON is a place where we gather the brightest and most promising minds from our alumni network to deepen their knowledge of Objectivism. As Ayn Rand Center Europe evolves, we remain anchored in our mission, now unveiling the New
Intellectuals Network. We hope to empower future leaders by connecting philosophy with action, fostering courage, and driving meaningful change. Join us as we pave the way for a brighter future filled with reason,  individualism and liberty as universal values.