Our Network

We know that knowledge is power – but it is so much more powerful when we openly share it. That is why we believe the future of the Objectivist movement lies in educating, training and empowering the new generations of rational free thinkers. Our approach is grounded in the belief that ideas have consequences and that by promoting rational and objective ideas, we can improve human flourishing and create a better world for everyone.

So far, our network consists of:

Ayn Rand Center Europe

Ayn Rand Center Europe is a non-profit organization established in 2016, originally founded under the name Balkan Objectivist Center. With its presence in more than thirty countries all over the world, ARCE has become one of the leading Objectivist organizations. Through its signature educational course, John Galt School, ARCE has managed to reach more than a thousand students worldwide and equip them with valuable knowledge of Objectivist philosophy. ARCE’s impact extends beyond academic boundaries, as it actively engages with alumni, partners, and like-minded organizations to create meaningful collaborations and initiatives. ARCE also hosts events like the New Intellectuals Conference, a place where the best of alumni, partners and lecturers come together and inspire each other with new ideas, as well as dive deeper into the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Through its dedication to education, knowledge, and building a community of new intellectuals, ARCE continues to play a pivotal role in advancing Objectivism globally.

Ayn Rand Center Georgia

Ayn Rand Center Georgia, established in 2020, is dedicated to promoting Ayn Rand’s ideas in the Georgian language through a variety of educational initiatives. Originally launched as a Facebook group, Ayn Rand Center Georgia has evolved into a non-profit organization that engages with hundreds of intellectually active young individuals. These engagements take the form of conferences, regional meetings, educational programs, video content, and informal gatherings. With the generous financial support of the Prometheus Foundation, the Ayn Rand Center Georgia has successfully influenced the beliefs and perspectives of numerous individuals. It has enabled them to embrace the concept of rational selfishness, a vital idea in a post-Soviet country like Georgia, where the prevailing moral framework of altruism still exerts a significant influence on society.

Ayn Rand Center Armenia

Ayn Rand Center Armenia is a scientific and educational non-governmental organization which was founded in 2022 in Yerevan, Armenia. The organization is the only one in Armenia that has taken it upon its shoulders to bring society back to the importance of philosophy, which will create an opportunity to improve the quality of one’s life, flourishing and motivation to achieve happiness. The organization educates the public on Ayn Rand and the philosophy of Objectivism through educational projects on both formal and informal levels. The organization was founded by Gor Badalyan, who is also the executive director.

Objectivist Network

Objectivist Network is a non-profit organization established in 2021 with the goal of promoting the philosophical ideas of Ayn Rand. Based in Ankara, Turkey, and active throughout the whole country and the region, the Objectivist Network extends its influence through international chapters in several countries. Objectivist Network aims to introduce people to Ayn Rand’s philosophy through her original works, thereby creating an intellectual community that engages in meaningful discourse around her ideas. The Network provides various educational opportunities to a diverse range of individuals, including students, young professionals, and academicians. This is accomplished through various activities such as conferences, seminars, and online education modules. The Objectivist Network designs activities to stimulate intellectual curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and foster a deeper understanding of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. To reach a wider audience, Objectivist Network also produces multimedia content in several languages. This not only helps in conveying Ayn Rand’s ideas to a broader geography but also facilitates engagement with a global audience. All these projects and activities are implemented with the generous support of the Prometheus Foundation and Carl Barney.

Ayn Rand Center Ukraine

Ayn Rand Center Ukraine is a non-governmental organization established in 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine. ARCU’s mission is to promote the development of Ukrainian society and each individual through the philosophy of Objectivism. ARCU’s leading educational project is the Objectivist Thought Leaders Program which was designed to help students learn about the ideas of the major philosophers in history and gain comprehensive knowledge of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. ARCU believes that the philosophy of Objectivism has a huge potential in Ukraine, especially among young people and therefore they are currently working on promoting the ideas of Ayn Rand among both Ukrainian students and the academic community. To advance Objectivism, ARCU is working on developing a strong community of intellectuals who will do their best to make needed changes in their society. We are committed to expanding our network of partner organizations and helping them not only to learn about Ayn Rand but also to inspire them to advance freedom and prosperity for themselves and the world!